Take a Virtual Stroll

This site is an experiment using Google's StreetView API & Firebase. StreetView has mapped many locations around the world to create a "virtual" experience when using Google Maps. I was amazed to find that the Firebase data store is in realtime. And it responds quicker than any socket data or pusher service I have seen. The response is triggered by change in data so tracking individual participants' locations can be done instantaneously.

Have a Look Around

Use a desktop browser as well as the browser on your smartphone.
On the desktop browser you will inspect your surroundings as you move through them.
On the smartphone browser you will be able to control what you see as if it were a virtual camera or robot. Point the phone west and your view will be west. Point the phone down and you will see the ground. I suggest starting with the phone on a flat surface because the sudden movement can be disorienting.

Pick a place you would like to visit and enter your email address. I need to limit the amount of people "exploring" and this is why I ask for email address. Your address is not used for anything other than a single unique ID to be used only by you. Only one smartphone at a time should use this address. Otherwise it's Westworld, season one, episode nine all over again...